Observing the way you work with computers to improve efficiency in your business
Identifying bottlenecks in your system


Helping you choose the best hardware and software to buy; then handling the purchase
Setting up a network to share files among all the computers in your office (or home)
Setting up print sharing amoung your computers
Enable you to access files on your computers from a remote location
Set up wireless technology to avoid running wires through walls or other barriers


Upgrading your existing software and hardware for improved features and performance
Set up accounting and customer service systems
Help you to use Microsoft Office to your greatest advantage
Set up and configure Email
Help you keep Spam from slowing down your workflow


Protecting your computers from hackers and viruses on the internet
Secure wireless technology from hackers
Allow only certain content from the internet to reach your computers
Secure access to your information using passwords


Backup and store your information to prevent disaster
Provide maintenance agreements to control costs
Training in all aspects of computer use and configuration


Fixing problems with your computer with a phone call or over the internet
Fixing problems at your office if it can't be done remotely
Removing software that causes problems
Be there for you in an emergency